Citing A Lack Of Trust In Trenton, Mayor Arnold Joins With Trenton’s Bad Bet To Oppose Casino Expansion

Newark, NJ – Today, Mayor Michelle Arnold of Palmyra, New Jersey, added her voice in opposition to the referendum regarding casino expansion. Joining the growing number of organizations and individuals supporting Trenton’s Bad Bet, this endorsement is further evidence that New Jersey residents do not want Trenton’s proposed gaming expansion.

“As a Mayor, I see firsthand the impact that decisions made in Trenton have on towns like my own,” said Mayor Arnold. “If we can’t trust Trenton with things like paving our roads and properly funding our schools, it’s hard to believe them when they say they’ll do the right thing with casino expansion.”

Trenton politicians have perpetually failed to keep promises, mismanaging funds in almost every example. In 2014, $20 million in open space funding was diverted to pay State Parks employees due to Trenton’s mismanagement of the state budget. And relief funds intended to get New Jersey families back into their homes after Superstorm Sandy, were diverted to a marketing campaign for the State.

“We are thrilled to have Mayor Arnold’s support,” said Bill Cortese, executive director of Trenton’s Bad Bet. “We are not surprised to find local elected officials concerned about Trenton’s track record of broken promises. Local officials like the mayor, work every day to compensate for the poor management happening at the State level.”

When it comes to managing money, Trenton politicians put special interest group ahead of New Jersey families every time. While there is no way to know how much tax revenue the state will collect from a gaming expansion – the referendum residents are being asked to vote on in November does not give any specifics about taxes or locations – given Trenton’s history, there is no reason to believe any revenue will go where the State says it will.

“As we continue our outreach across the state,” continued Cortese, “it is pretty clear to people that the casino referendum is just another bad deal for New Jersey.”

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About Trenton’s Bad Bet
Trenton’s Bad Bet is a diverse collection of concerned New Jersey community leaders, unions, businesses and residents that will work to oppose the New Jersey Casino Referendum that seeks to expand gaming into North Jersey.

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