Can You Trust Ralph Caputo?

Follow the money, it speaks for itself.

In Assemblyman Ralph Caputo’s attempt to satisfy North Jersey casino interests instead of protecting New Jersey families, he has shown his true colors. 

Recently, he introduced a resolution offering big money casino developers a lower tax rate on the North Jersey casinos than what one developer publicly stated he was willing to pay – and far below the point needed to generate the revenues Trenton has promised casino expansion would bring.

Now, with special interests expressing dissatisfaction with their political pawns in Trenton, Caputo has gone even farther. 

According to The Associated Press, Caputo is now proposing “amend[ing] two bills he introduced this year to authorize video lottery terminals – essentially slot machines – at state racetracks including the Meadowlands in East Rutherford and Monmouth Park in Oceanport.”

The Assemblyman is seeking to thwart the vote of New Jersey citizens on Election Day on Question One – casino expansion referendum he voted to place on the ballot.

Just a cursory glance at Caputo’s history with casino developers and the racing industry shows that he is clearly in the pockets of special interests.

Between 2011 and 2015, Caputo received $13,600* in donations from big money casino developers with interests in North Jersey expansion.

The very people benefitting from legislation authorizing video lottery terminals at state racetracks have lined Caputo’s pockets, the definition of political payback.

Caputo’s actions offer more proof that we simply cannot trust Trenton politicians.

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