Sweeney promotes school funding plan in underfunded EHT

Originally appeared in Press of Atlantic City
By: Diane D’Amico
July 21, 2016

In an indication of just how under-funded it is, the local school district would get more state aid under both the Fairness Formula proposed by Gov. Chris Christie, and the Formula4Success promoted by Senate President Steve Sweeney.

Sweeney met with township and school officials Thursday afternoon to explain why he believes his is the better plan for both the state and the township.

Sweeney’s plan would update the school funding formula that was approved by the Legislature in 2008, but has been mostly flat-funded for years, with little adjustment for enrollment shifts or need.

Under Sweeney’s plan EHT would get at least $7.8 million more in state aid immediately. But that could rise to as much as $26.8 million phased in over several years to allow for the district’s enrollment growth over time. The district currently gets about $40 million a year in state aid.

Christie’s plan would distribute aid on a per-student basis, with each student worth about $6,600 in state aid. Under that plan EHT would get an extra $8.7 million per year.

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