Fighting to Protect New Jersey Jobs & Taxpayers from Special Interests

Last November, by the largest margin in state history, we made clear our intention to prevent gaming expansion into North Jersey and outside Atlantic City in defeating the ballot referendum known as Question One. Through your dedication and hard work, we protected over 30,000 jobs and $2 billion in economic activity that would be lost if gaming expansion were to pass.

Despite overwhelming opposition, casino expansion supporters are attempting to circumvent the will of the voters by pushing through various pieces of legislation, including permitting internet gaming cafes for racetracks (A-4255) and allowing VLTs or video lottery terminals (A-172 and A-173) in locations outside of Atlantic City. The legislation concerning racetrack internet gaming cafes was introduced days before Question One’s defeat and flies directly in the face of the nearly 80 percent of voters or more than 2.4 million votes against gaming expansion.

We deserve a government that is responsive to our needs and respectful of our intentions – particularly when it comes to gaming expansion. Issues of much greater importance exist in New Jersey currently, including meeting pension promises, adequately funding school districts, reducing property tax rates and addressing badly ignored infrastructure projects, all of which have taken a back seat because billionaire developers demand gaming expansion happens first.

Trenton’s Bad Bet will continue to inform residents on the pitfalls of any gaming expansion proposal while we grow our already broad coalition across the state. We are proud to have earned the support of many local officials, labor leaders, community organizations, small businesses and residents who stand ready to fight any effort that undermines the result of Question One this past November.

You can help us continue our fight against gaming expansion by contacting your legislator and tell them to oppose this legislation. You can also click here to sign up for email alerts, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for future updates.

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How much could North Jersey casino expansion cost New Jersey taxpayers?

Casinos will require additional roads, public transportation, and other major infrastructure changes with big price tags. But because the referendum is secretive in its details, failing to provide a location, specific tax rates, or how any potential revenues or costs would be managed, calculating how much gaming expansion could cost New Jersey residents is difficult […]

What Is Trenton’s Plan To Expand Casino Gaming Into North New Jersey?

In March, Trenton politicians passed State Concurrent Resolution No. 1 (SCR1), a resolution that “Proposes constitutional amendment to authorize Legislature to permit by law establishment and operation of casinos in certain counties.” You can read the resolution in its entirety on the New Jersey Legislature website. This referendum, to be voted on by New Jersey […]

How Would The Referendum Work And What Effect Would It Have?

We can’t answer that because the casino referendum was explicitly left devoid of details by Trenton politicians. New Jersey citizens expect and deserve full transparency, but so far this referendum has been hammered out by insiders and special interests behind closed doors. Even the most basic questions remain unanswered, such as the exact casino locations […]

Who Would Benefit The Most From The Referendum?

The referendum is a bad deal designed to help special interests and harm New Jersey residents. For example, the same people in Trenton who promised money and instead diverted $1 billion away from the New Jersey 911 System and Emergency Response Trust Fund would benefit the most. That kind of bait and switch track record […]

What Promises Has Trenton Recently Failed To Keep?

Trenton politicians have a history of pulling bait-and-switches on New Jersey taxpayers when it comes to state funding – there is no reason to think the state won’t go back on its word and divert the casino revenue it said it would direct to children and senior citizens to other areas. There are a lot […]

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