What Promises Has Trenton Recently Failed To Keep?

Trenton politicians have a history of pulling bait-and-switches on New Jersey taxpayers when it comes to state funding – there is no reason to think the state won’t go back on its word and divert the casino revenue it said it would direct to children and senior citizens to other areas. There are a lot of promises being made for this referendum, but Trenton’s track record is too hard to ignore.

  • Trenton Lied About Fixing Pensions: New Jersey pensions are underfunded by nearly 50%, with a total pensions shortfall of $44 billion.
  • Trenton Broke Its Promise To Cut Property Taxes: New Jersey has diverted hundreds of millions originally intended to relieve property tax burdens in order to balance the state budget.
  • Trenton Misused Sandy Relief Funds: $25 million in Superstorm Sandy Relief Funds were diverted away from relief efforts, to a marketing campaign promoting tourism at the Jersey Shore.