What Is Trenton’s Long Record Of Government Mismanagement And Why Are They Untrustworthy?

Trenton has a long record of mismanaging itself. The Center for Public Integrity recently gave our state a “D” grade for lax ethics enforcement over a staunch refusal to turn over public records, among other issues. Based on this record and those listed below, there’s no reason to think it will be able to get the gaming expansion right.  

  • Trenton Continually Undercuts New Jersey Infrastructure: With a nearly bankrupt Transportation Trust Fund, the state has shut down $775 million in state road projects and $2.7 billion in New Jersey Transit Projects.
  • Trenton Lost $400 Million In Education Funding – From An Incomplete Application: By submitting an incomplete application, New Jersey lost out on $400 million in needed education funding.
  • Trenton Creates Transit Nightmares: New Jersey mismanaged traffic during the 2014 Super Bowl, causing 32,000 people to get stuck on crowded trains causing hours-long delays. In addition, Trenton diverted ARC Commuter Rail Tunnel funds in 2010, causing significant congestion for 87,000 New Jersey commuters today.