What Other Problems Does New Jersey Currently Face?

New Jersey has far more pressing issues. Because of the politicians in Trenton, the state’s pension crisis, crumbling infrastructure and dwindling tax revenue all urgently need to be addressed.

  • The state pension system for teachers and government workers faces a $40 billion underfunded shortfall, potentially forcing extensive public funding cuts and significant tax increases. Each year the state fails to address the pension crisis, the cost of solving it increases significantly.
  • New Jersey is in desperate need of funding to fix its crumbling transportation infrastructure, a significant portion of which has been deemed at high risk for failure. The American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE) report card gave the state a “D-plus” on several of its major transportation hubs.
  • New Jersey can’t even afford to fund its welfare and public safety initiatives, making significant cuts to welfare and public safety programs.
  • New Jersey’s education budget is underfunded by more than $1 billion, and the state’s proposed school funding plan effectively diverts aid away from poorer districts, putting students at a disadvantage.