Who Is Trenton’s Bad Bet?

Trenton’s Bad Bet is a diverse coalition of concerned New Jersey community leaders, unions, businesses and residents that will work to oppose the New Jersey Casino Referendum that seeks to expand gaming into North Jersey.

What Other Problems Does New Jersey Currently Face?

New Jersey has far more pressing issues. Because of the politicians in Trenton, the state’s pension crisis, crumbling infrastructure and dwindling tax revenue all urgently need to be addressed. The state pension system for teachers and government workers faces a $40 billion underfunded shortfall, potentially forcing extensive public funding cuts and significant tax increases. Each […]

What Is Trenton’s Long Record Of Government Mismanagement And Why Are They Untrustworthy?

Trenton has a long record of mismanaging itself. The Center for Public Integrity recently gave our state a “D” grade for lax ethics enforcement over a staunch refusal to turn over public records, among other issues. Based on this record and those listed below, there’s no reason to think it will be able to get […]

What Promises Has Trenton Recently Failed To Keep?

Trenton politicians have a history of pulling bait-and-switches on New Jersey taxpayers when it comes to state funding – there is no reason to think the state won’t go back on its word and divert the casino revenue it said it would direct to children and senior citizens to other areas. There are a lot […]

Who Would Benefit The Most From The Referendum?

The referendum is a bad deal designed to help special interests and harm New Jersey residents. For example, the same people in Trenton who promised money and instead diverted $1 billion away from the New Jersey 911 System and Emergency Response Trust Fund would benefit the most. That kind of bait and switch track record […]

How Would The Referendum Work And What Effect Would It Have?

We can’t answer that because the casino referendum was explicitly left devoid of details by Trenton politicians. New Jersey citizens expect and deserve full transparency, but so far this referendum has been hammered out by insiders and special interests behind closed doors. Even the most basic questions remain unanswered, such as the exact casino locations […]

What Is Trenton’s Plan To Expand Casino Gaming Into North New Jersey?

In March, Trenton politicians passed State Concurrent Resolution No. 1 (SCR1), a resolution that “Proposes constitutional amendment to authorize Legislature to permit by law establishment and operation of casinos in certain counties.” You can read the resolution in its entirety on the New Jersey Legislature website. This referendum, to be voted on by New Jersey […]

How much could North Jersey casino expansion cost New Jersey taxpayers?

Casinos will require additional roads, public transportation, and other major infrastructure changes with big price tags. But because the referendum is secretive in its details, failing to provide a location, specific tax rates, or how any potential revenues or costs would be managed, calculating how much gaming expansion could cost New Jersey residents is difficult […]

What Do New Jersey Residents Think About The Referendum?

So far, New Jersey residents have been consistent in their opposition to the casino expansion. A recent July poll from the Fairleigh Dickinson University found that 57 percent of registered voters are opposed to the referendum while only 35 percent supported it. An earlier March poll from Rutgers University echoed similar results. A June poll […]