Support From The Pastor Indicates Growing Community Interest In Stopping The Expansion Of Casino Gaming Into North New Jersey

Newark, NJ (August 4, 2016) – Pastor Daniel Martinez of the Randolph Free Methodist Church in Morris County today gave his support to Trenton’s Bad Bet, adding his voice to the list of individuals and groups across the state opposed to expanding casino gaming into North New Jersey.

“We are glad to have Pastor Martinez’s support,” said Bill Cortese, executive director of Trenton’s Bad Bet. “This endorsement shows that gaming expansion is an issue that has people worried in every corner of our state. There are trust issues with the Trenton elected, and we are concerned about their inability to follow through on their promises. But this endorsement reminds us that there are quality-of-life issues that New Jersey communities are focused on as well.”

Pastor Martinez was vocal about his desire to see the gaming expansion blocked: “I stand firmly behind the efforts of Trenton’s Bad Bet to stop casino expansion in North Jersey. We need to reinvest in the communities we have in New Jersey through better education and safer neighborhoods expanding casinos would be a step back from that.”

Trenton’s Bad Bet continues to grow and inform voters across the state of the cryptic referendum to expand gaming into North New Jersey. The proposal does not even identify the development location, leaving communities vulnerable to the possible expansion and residents concerned about the level of transparency they can expect from Trenton if the initiative moves forward.

“We owe it to our children to provide the opportunities where they can live, learn and find a job here in New Jersey. The only way we do that is by holding our elected officials accountable and we fully intend on doing that,” said Pastor Martinez.

The Pastor’s endorsement of Trenton’s Bad Bet indicates the level of concern being felt across the state – especially those communities in North New Jersey left uncertain if they will be the recipient of the next broken promise or bait and switch. As support continues to build across the state, we will be highlighting the fact that this referendum is a bad deal for the residents of New Jersey.

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Trenton’s Bad Bet is a diverse collection of concerned New Jersey community leaders, unions, businesses and residents that will work to oppose the New Jersey Casino Referendum that seeks to expand gaming into North Jersey.

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