Our Turn NJ’s False Claims

Flat out lies and misinformation. That’s what we’ve come to expect from Trenton politicians, and what’s now being parroted from the group, Our Turn NJ. North Jersey casino expansion is NOT the answer to our state’s woes.

Let’s take a look at some of Our Turn NJ’s false claims.

Claim: Our Turn NJ claims the casinos will go in “non-residential areas.”
Reality: Trenton has been cryptic in details about the proposed casino locations, but according to the referendum, the only set parameters are that they be located in two different counties, and be at least 72 miles from Atlantic City. There is NO requirement that casino operators build in “non-residential areas.” That’s the reality.

Claim: Our Turn NJ claims that north Jersey casinos will bring $500 million in new local revenues.

Reality: Light on the details, the legislature neglected to determine the tax rate for the new casinos – making it impossible to determine how much revenue the proposed casinos would generate. Assemblyman Ralph Caputo, a sponsor of the amendment, has said the tax rate could be between 40 and 60 percent, while Senate President Steve Sweeney has said it will have to be less than 50 percent. Atlantic City casinos currently pay an effective tax rate of 9.25 percent, one of the lowest rates nationwide (New York’s graduated effective tax rate starts at 60 percent and can go as high as 69 percent). It remains unclear what the state’s take of revenue would be – and our own legislators aren’t even on the same page.

Claim: Our Turn NJ claims the casinos will bring 43,000 new jobs to north Jersey.

Reality: New casinos will very likely KILL jobs, not create them. Studies show that the new casinos could kill 23,000 New Jersey jobs and shutter as many as five of Atlantic City’s eight remaining casinos. Just today, the Trump Taj Mahal announced it would shut down, killing 3,000 jobs. This is a risk we simply cannot afford.

Don’t be swayed by the deluge of myths. Say no to Trenton’s bad bet.