What They Are Saying About Assemblyman Ralph Caputo’s Casino Resolution

Legislators Describe Resolution As A “Gimmick” & “Disastrous” & Asbury Park Press Calls It “Blank Check”

Assemblyman Chris Brown: Caputo Resolution A “Gimmick.” “Assemblyman Chris Brown, R-Atlantic, called Caputo’s resolution a gimmick, saying it ‘is simply the same old song with a different verse that still fails to provide a specific tax rate and fails to answer how cannibalizing Atlantic City’s gaming market by causing the loss of another 14,000 jobs and the closure of more casinos will somehow help Atlantic County’s working families and retirees.’” (Nicholas Huba, “North Jersey Casino Revenue Plan Includes A.C., Lacks Tax Rate,” Press Of Atlantic City, 9/13/16)

  • “‘We are currently experiencing an oversaturated market in the gaming industry, yet the answer advanced by some of colleagues is to just add more casinos to the market? That logic is absurd. The referendum on gaming expansion includes few details, but we do know that it will cost Atlantic City thousands of jobs and casinos that already exist here will close,’ said Brown.” (Press Release, “Assemblyman Brown Calls Out Gaming Expansion Resolution,” Assemblyman Chris Brown, 9/14/16)

Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo: Casino Referendum Is “Disastrous.” “Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo, D-Atlantic, said the failure to disclose the referendum’s full details and implications have ‘doomed this misguided ballot question.’ ‘This is just further evidence that this disastrous referendum is on life support because residents across the state have concluded this is a bad deal for New Jersey and Atlantic County, which would face the loss of 10,000 more jobs,’ Mazzeo said.” (Nicholas Huba, “North Jersey Casino Revenue Plan Includes A.C., Lacks Tax Rate,” Press Of Atlantic City, 9/13/16)

  • “Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo said he is troubled that the resolution fails to specify the tax rate for the new casinos. ‘That’s great that the money is being looked at for Atlantic City. We need it. But what is going to be the revenue? What is going to be the tax rate?’ said Mazzeo, D-Atlantic. ‘They’re pulling numbers out of the sky.’” (Phil Gregory, “New Jersey Lawmaker Counting On Casinos Before They Hatch,” NewsWorks, 9/13/16)

Senator Jim Whelan: “No Idea” How Much Money Atlantic City Would Receive. “Sen. Jim Whelan, D-Atlantic, said there are still a lot of unanswered questions. ‘Right now we have no idea what the tax rate for the (North Jersey) casinos is going to be,’ Whelan said. ‘If you don’t know what the tax rate is, then you don’t know what Atlantic City’s cut is going to be.’” (Nicholas Huba, “North Jersey Casino Revenue Plan Includes A.C., Lacks Tax Rate,” Press Of Atlantic City, 9/13/16)

  • “‘This effort by Assemblyman Caputo and North Jersey elected officials to concoct facts surrounding this referendum that do not exist is truly astonishing. Voters would not agree to a home mortgage without knowing the interest rate, yet they are being asked to support new casinos in New Jersey without knowing the tax rate,’ said Whelan.” (Press Release, “Whelan: North Jersey Politicians Continue To Hide The Ball From Voters,” State Senator Jim Whelan, 9/14/16)

Asbury Park Press Editorial: Caputo’s Resolution Is A “Pig In A Poke” And “Blank Check” Meant To Appease Interest Groups. “A vote on a statewide ballot question about whether to allow two casinos in north Jersey is growing near, and its backers apparently are growing increasingly nervous about its chances for passage. Assemblyman Ralph Caputo, D-Essex, a staunch supporter of the referendum, announced plans Monday to introduce a resolution that would provide more details … Beyond the vaguely worded public question, voters don’t have much to go on. In essence, they are being asked to buy a pig in a poke.” (Editorial, “Casino Referendum A Big Crap Shoot,” Asbury Park Press, 9/13/16)

  • “The public has never been enthusiastic about expanding casino gambling beyond Atlantic City, and the lack of detail in the question being posed to voters in November and the interpretative statement accompanying it don’t give voters much to go on. It’s essentially a blank check.” (Editorial, “Casino Referendum A Big Crap Shoot,” Asbury Park Press, 9/13/16)
  • “Caputo’s resolution, which is expected to be introduced Thursday, spells out the beneficiaries of the state aid from casino revenues. It’s a comprehensive list that includes funding for transportation, infrastructure, ‘public space’ and ‘airport enhancements, property tax reductions for seniors and ‘vulnerable populations,’ funding for displaced Atlantic City casino workers, promotional support for Atlantic City and programs designed to ‘aid and encourage’ the thoroughbred and standard bred industries. Is there any interest group Caputo missed?” (Editorial, “Casino Referendum A Big Crap Shoot,” Asbury Park Press, 9/13/16)

No North Jersey Casinos Coalition: Caputo Resolution Is A Promise “Not Grounded In Fact Or Reality.” (Michael Symons, “Backer ‘Trying To Resurrect’ Interest In Expansion,” New Jersey 101.5, 9/13/16)