For Immediate Release: September 22, 2016

Organization With More Than 200 Member Churches Cites Trenton’s Misplaced Priorities & Lack Of Focus On Communities

Newark, NJ – Today, Reverend David Rios, president of the Passaic County Spanish Clergy Organization (La Alianza Civica Ministerial), endorsed Trenton’s Bad Bet and its efforts to defeat November ballot Question One that would allow casino gaming to expand into North Jersey.

“We urge our state leaders to help us build stronger communities – not casinos – in North Jersey. Trenton needs to make the right investments for our children and families by investing in our schools, churches and community organizations. Casino expansion represents a step backwards from the progress we have made and is a misplaced priority given the other challenges we face,” said Reverend Rios.

Rios continued, “North Jersey casinos will hurt our communities and put the state in a position where hardworking families will be stuck paying for this mistake when the casinos fail. The entire membership of the Passaic County Spanish Clergy Organization stands with Trenton’s Bad Bet in opposing Question One on November 8.”

“We are honored to have earned the endorsement and support of Reverend Rios and the Passaic County Spanish Clergy Organization,” said Bill Cortese, executive director of Trenton’s Bad Bet. “This endorsement shows a growing opposition among grassroots community organizations and churches to Trenton’s ill-conceived casino expansion ballot question.”

Elected officials in Trenton continue to fail to meet their promises and attend to basic responsibilities, while advocating for casino expansion. Simultaneously, communities all across the state are forced to deal with unmet promises to school districts, rising property taxes, pension under payments and deteriorating infrastructure.

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About Trenton’s Bad Bet:
Trenton’s Bad Bet is a diverse collection of concerned New Jersey community leaders, unions, businesses and residents that will work to oppose the New Jersey Casino Referendum that seeks to expand gaming into North Jersey.

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