Trenton’s Bad Bet Responds To Assemblyman Caputo’s Latest Giveaway To Gaming Billionaires


“Being that Assemblyman Ralph Caputo has shown himself to be a pawn of billionaire developers who have contributed thousands of dollars to him, it is not shocking that he has decided to once again carry their water on gaming legislation. What is shocking is that he has decided to completely ignore the will of the people which will be expressed on Election Day as New Jersey voters support or oppose the casino expansion referendum,” said Bill Cortese, executive director of Trenton’s Bad Bet. “Instead of playing insider politics and bending over backwards to payback special interests, Assemblyman Caputo should stand up for jobs and economic growth benefitting his constituents.”

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About Trenton’s Bad Bet:

Trenton’s Bad Bet is a diverse collection of concerned New Jersey community leaders, unions, businesses and residents that will work to oppose the New Jersey Casino Referendum that seeks to expand gaming into North Jersey.

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