FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 20, 2016

Casino Advocate, Jeff Gural, Called Trenton Legislators Supporting His Expansion Campaign A Bunch Of “Stupid Politicians” 

Newark, NJ – During a breakfast meeting hosted by the Bayonne Chamber of Commerce, New York City developer and advocate for casino expansion, Jeff Gural, called his support network of Trenton elected officials, “stupid politicians.”

During a meeting that was supposed to focus on why citizens in New Jersey should support the referendum to expand casino gaming into North Jersey, Gural seemed to vent his frustration at the incompetence of his Trenton buddies, calling them stupid numerous times and complaining that they just “didn’t get it.”

Gural’s rant went on to include an explanation of how the expansion proposal was “legislation designed to save Atlantic City,” but then added that the casino owners in Atlantic City were all “greedy pigs.”

Gural’s criticism of state politicians is an interesting turn of events given how far Trenton has bent over backwards to ram through the referendum, despite polling data indicating their constituents opposed expanding gaming.  Gural’s supporters in the State Capitol never even undertook an economic impact study before seeking to amend the state constitution as they rushed to please their political benefactor.

And while Trenton officials worked feverishly to move the referendum through the legislative process to payback special interest friends, New Jersey state pensions and public schools remain underfunded, and the Transportation Trust Fund has been depleted leaving $3 billion in transportation projects sitting abandoned and incomplete.

“It is a bit ironic that Trenton has been going out of their way for Gural, neglecting state retirees and public schools, and now their referendum is failing,” said Bill Cortese, executive director, Trenton’s Bad Bet. “Looks like Gural is experiencing the same level of incompetence the rest of the state has been enduring for years.”

Cortese added, “This is just more proof that we can’t trust Trenton and another great reason to vote no on Question One.”

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