We Can’t Trust Speaker Vincent Prieto Or Assemblyman Ralph Caputo.

 Speaker Vincent Prieto and Assemblyman Ralph Caputo each have a long and sordid history of siding with rich special interests over hardworking New Jersey taxpayers – and it is no different with the latest North Jersey casino referendum and legislation authorizing video lottery terminals at state racetracks. 

Their support for giveaways to special interests comes as no surprise given the financial ties each politician has to the billionaire casino developers who stand to personally gain from Trenton’s actions.

These are the facts:

Assemblyman Ralph Caputo

Time and again, Assemblyman Caputo has attempted to satisfy North Jersey casino interests over the needs of New Jersey families.  Given his history of receiving over $13,000 in contributions from big money casino developers, it’s no surprise that he is carrying water for his political backers over the taxpayers.  Learn more here and here.

Speaker Vincent Prieto

Speaker Prieto is doing the bidding of these deep-pocketed casino developers, working to provide them the bailout they desperately seek from the New Jersey legislature in their effort to advance gaming in North Jersey.  Prieto’s actions on behalf of special interests who have given more than $25,000 in political contributions demonstrates yet again why New Jersey voters cannot trust Trenton politicians.  His connection to billionaires seeking political payback raises serious questions about his actions and whether he capable of putting New Jersey families first.  Learn more here.